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Fall In The UK

A utumn officially arrived in the UK on September 23rd and it seems like someone switched the light switch and BAM, just like that it was here! The leaves turned to a golden, rusty, brown and the ground has become littered with them. So many childhood memories come back to me has I tread the same pathways I trod in my childhood…

I haven’t had an Autumn in England for 15 years and it does feel a little strange, but so familiar at the same time. My last 15 Autumn’s have been spent in Queensland and they were nothing like this. We didn’t really have any tress that shed all their leaves or even trees that the leaves turned golden brown. The trees dropped their leaves, but only to make way for new growth, so the trees seemed to be green all year round.

Autumn in QLD, is when the soaring temperatures of Summer finally start to cool down a little. Also when you live in the Southern hemisphere, September 1st is the first day of Spring, every thing is flipped.

Autumn leaves, seasonal foods and fruits

Trampling through leaves as you walk is normal at this time of year, especially when you’re out walking the dog it’s almost therapeutic. And these steps are steps I trod as a child with my sister’s, it feels like yesterday that we were doing just that.So much as changed in life, but so much remains the same…

What’s Autumn like where you live? I’d love to know x


Autumn leaves, seasonal foods and fruits
Autumn leaves, seasonal foods and fruits
Autumn leaves, seasonal foods and fruits
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